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Activation Code Info

Unlocking your iPOS application

If the application says      LICENSED     
Turn off your scroll lock key to hide this screen, or you can just keep clicking CONTINUE and the app will start.

The scroll lock key on your keyboard will hide/unhide the status screen if the app is licensed or in the 30 day trial mode. To enter an activation code while the app is in trial mode simply turn on the scroll lock key, launch the app and you will see the text box to copy and paste in the activation code.

Your application says      LOCKED     
If you see the locked status screen when trying to use the iPOS application you will need to submit to us, the application name, site and mid codes in order to obtain an unlock code. Use our Site/Mid Code Submission form: Activation Code Request

DO NOT EMAIL US SCREEN SHOTS to request activation codes We cannot respond to these requests

If you have an URGENT REQUEST for an activation code, you must have purchased a Priority Phone Support Plan

Allow 24-48 hours for a reply back with the unlock code
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific Time
Unlock codes are provided for registered users only.
Make sure you allow this time for payroll unlock codes - do not wait until the payroll deadline and then expect to receive an activation code immediately. Please plan ahead to avoid manual entry of your payroll.