iPOS Payroll Interface for users of the POSitouch® POS System

Pay data from your POSitouch time and attendance to your payroll provider

iPOS Payroll Interface for the POSitouch POS system gets the payroll data from your POSitouch POS system and prepares it for import to your  payroll provider. It's a one button click that's  easy for the store manager or bookkeeper to perform. iPOS Payroll gets the data from the POSitouch and creates the payroll export file and places it in the correct location. It's easy, fast and will save you hours of effort each pay period.

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  • Supports ADP WorkForce, PayChex Preview, PayChex OnLine, Heartland/Ovation, PayChoice, Paylocity, Evolution, PrimePay, PayTime, Mangrove See the complete list
  • Runs stand alone from the POS system.
  • Easy to use, one button click interface.
  • Automatic pay period advance - no need to type in start and end payroll dates.
  • Reports for payroll detail, summary.
  • Excempt specific employees from export
  • Supports POSitouch TipShare
  • Auto email the pay import file
  • Exception reports on missing pay rates, export ID etc.

Easy Setup

  1. Download and install the iPOS Payroll software on the POSitouch BOH PC
  2. Pick your payroll provider
  3. Set your pay cycle
  4. Enter your payroll provider departments, earning codes, file name etc.
  5. That's it! You're ready to create the pay data import file

iPOS Payroll Pricing

  • Single Store Software License $349
  • Single Store Optional Installation, configuration and training $95
  • Multi Store Licenses (3+ stores)ask us for a quote

Free 30 Day Trail

You can use iPOS Payroll free of charge for 30 days. No obligation, no credit card numbers, just your name, address and email address. Request the trial and get an email and simply download iPOS Payroll, set it up and use it for a pay period or two and then decide.

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iPOS Payroll Pricing

  • Single Store Software License $349
  • Single Store Optional Installation, configuration and training $95
  • Multi Store Licenses (3+ stores) ask us for a quote

iPOS Payroll Support

When you purchase the optional installation, configuration and training you receive 30 days of telephone support, 11 months of email support and product updates.

Software only purchase gives you access to our knowledgebase and product documentation

Download iPOS Payroll

How can I get iPOS Payroll? We need just a little info from you and we can then email out download instructions. We won't share your info with anyone! So just fill out our request for trial form and we'll email you instructions on how to download iPOS Payroll for Aloha.

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Purchase iPOS Payroll for POSitouch

Click the link below to purchase a copy of iPOS Payroll for Aloha. Our payments are handled by MyCommerce, and you will be redirected to their site for payment processing.

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Need help setting it up? Have us set it up for you. We charge $95 per location for complete setup.

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Supported Payroll Providers

iPOS Payroll for POSitouch supports the following payroll providers
  • ADP WorkForce
  • ADP RUN - Dairy Queen Only
  • ADP EZ Labor - Canada
  • ADP Pay At Work - Canada
  • AccuData
  • Agile
  • Advantage
  • Business Works
  • CheckPoint
  • Choice HR
  • CompuPay
  • DayForce
  • Encore
  • ExecuPay
  • Evolution
  • Heartland/Ovation
  • Mangrove
  • Millennium
  • PayChex Preview
  • PayChex On Line
  • PayChoice
  • PayCom
  • PayCor
  • Paylocity
  • Pay Works
  • PrimePay
  • SaaS HR
  • Solomon
  • Thomson Reuters
  • UltiPro
  • Valiant

Don't see your payroll provider in the list? Request we add it

Screen Shots

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System Requirements

  • All current versions of POSitouch
  • Windows 7,8,10
  • All online features/services require Internet access