iPOS GL for POSitouch

Sales data from your POSitouch
to Sage Accounting

Now it's easy to transfer your POSitouch sales journal report data to your Sage. iPOS GL is easy to setup and even easier to use. No more manual data entry. To move data from your POSitouch to Sage, simply select the date and press a button. Your POSitouch sales journal data will arrive into Sage error free and balanced. Save hours of data entry with iPOS GL for POSitouch.

Easy to use

A one button click interface to send a sales journal into Sage. Super easy for you or your bookkeeper to make balanced transactions into Sage.

Save hours on Journal Entries

No more hand keying sales journal data into Sage. Save yourself hours of effort.

Reduce Errors

No more GL entry errors. Get a GL entry that balances to the POSitouch sales journal report every time.

iPOS GL: A Fully Featured Interface

  • Can be used off site from the POSitouch BOH PC
  • Supports single and multi store operations in one interface
  • Supports multiple Sage company files
  • Supports Sage Classes
  • Easy to use, one button click interface
  • Customizable mapping section
  • Map the POSitouch sales journal items to your Sage chart of accounts
  • Create summary groups to further customize the GL entry
  • Exception triggers let you know when new items appear in the sales journal data

POSitouch POS to Sage Integration Made Easy

iPOS GL is super easy to use. We've automated the process so you don't have to mess with taking an POSitouch report and hand key it into Sage. It's a one button click that's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 Click the dates in our Transaction grid.

Step 2 See a preview of the journal entry.

Step 3 Click Send To Sage

That's it! You have all your POSitouch sales journal transactions in your Sage.


iPOS GL for POSitouch

$20/ mo

  • Per store price
  • Cloud data storage
  • Email support
  • Product updates
  • No long term contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • * One-time $195 setup fee

Our Simple Pricing Plan

$20 a month is a no brainer! You will not find a better priced, easier to use interface with this many time saving features.

If your still not sure, try it out for free!

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We know POSitouch, we know Sage.
Let us help you set it up.

We provide valuable knowledge of your POSitouch POS system and Sage.
This combined expertise allows us to setup your interface quickly and get it working to its fullest potential.


The POSitouch Side

We know the POSitouch system and can work with your POSitouch Reseller to get our cloud connector installed (it's really easy). Once installed, it will automatically upload your data to our secure Microsoft Azure server.


The Sage Side

We know how to get data into Sage and we've been doing it for over 20 years! During our setup with you, we will provide the consultation you need to get the POSitouch data into your Sage, they way you want it.

Questions & Answers

Each store stands on its own and is configured individually in our setup. This allows you to maintain independence between the stores. This is especially important if you are using one Sage company file for all locations.

Not at all. We have a mapping table where you can assign your POSitouch sales journal items (sales, promos/comps, payments, rev items etc.) to any item in your chart of accounts, regardless of the name.

We have a group summary feature which allows you to create a group or as many groups as you want and totalize the amount for that group. Commonly used for grouping credit card payments together, so they match your bank statement.

Very east! You can assign a specific Sage company file to a store, so you don't mix them up.

Save time, reduce errors.
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