Discontinued Applications Schedule

The applications below have been discontinued for further development and all support.
Those noted with an * do not have a new replacement version.

Discontinued Product Description Schedule
iPOS GL Aloha QuickBooks v4.20 3/31/2015
iPOS GL Dinerware QuickBooks v1.0.12 3/31/2015
FastTrack POSitouch FOH Training * 2/28/2015
FastTrack POSitouch BOH Training * 2/28/2015
FastTrack Aloha BOH Training * 6/10/2010
iPOS Payroll for Aloha v1.3/v1.5 12/31/2014
iPOS GLARAP POSitouch QuickBooks 1/1/2013
iPOS Payroll Micros v1.3/v1.5 12/31/2014
iPOS Payroll POSitouch v3/v4 12/31/2014
gPOS All Versions/All POS systems * 3/31/2015

* no new replacement version