iPOS Spreadsheet for Aloha

iPOS Spreadsheet takes your Aloha POS data and puts it into useful spreadsheets that you can use to manage your restaurant operations. iPOS Spreadsheets are in a clean, concise format that's not only easy to read, but highlights the critical areas so you know where you're doing things right in the restaurant and where you need improvement.

20 great spreadsheets

Easy to read, formatted spreadsheets that cover the Sales, Cash Reconciliation, Product Mix, Discount, Void, Labor groups.

Better than reports

Formula based spreadsheets are superior to static reports. Most operators prefer spreadsheet reports over the standard pos generated reports.

Emailed daily

Get your spreadsheets emailed daily and get real time stats sent to your cell phones at pre-determined times.

Cash Reconciliation
  • Daily Cash Reconciliation
  • Summary Cash Reconciliation
  • Daily Corporate Flash
  • Discount Summary
  • Discount Detail
  • Discounts by Type and Name
  • Void Summary
  • Void Detail
  • Category Sales
  • Hourly Sales
  • Revenue Center Sales
  • Meal Period Sales


iPOS Spreadsheet for Aloha

$15/ mo

  • Per store price
  • Cloud data storage
  • Email support
  • Product updates
  • No long term contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • * One-time $195 setup fee

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$10 a month is a no brainer! You will not find a better priced, easier to use interface with this many time saving features.

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We provide valuable knowledge of your Aloha POS system and spreadsheets.
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The Aloha/NCR Side

We know the Aloha system and can work with your Aloha Reseller or NCR to get our cloud connector installed (it's really easy). Once installed, it will automatically upload your data to our secure Microsoft Azure server.


The Spreadsheet Side

Login to our server and get access to all your spreadsheets. An easy to use interface to view your spreadsheet online, or download to your PC or mobile device.

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