Workflow For Your Aloha POS System

Aloha to QuickBooks

Now it's easy to transfer your Aloha sales summary report data to your QuickBooks. iPOS GL is easy to setup and even easier to use. No more manual data entry. To move data from your Aloha to QuickBooks, simply select the date and press a button. Your Aloha sales summary data will arrive into QuickBooks error free and balanced. Save hours of data entry with iPOS GL for Aloha.

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Aloha POS to Quickbooks

Aloha to Payroll

iPOS Payroll Interface for the Aloha POS system gets the payroll data from your Aloha POS system and prepares it for transfer to your payroll provider. It's a one button click that's easy, fast and will save you hours of effort each pay period. Supports all the major payroll providers in the US.

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Aloha POS to Payroll

Aloha to Spreadsheets

iPOS Spreadsheet takes your Aloha POS data and puts it into useful spreadsheets that you can use to manage your restaurant operations. iPOS Spreadsheets are in a clean, concise format that's not only easy to read, but highlights the critical areas so you know where you're doing things right in the restaurant and where you need improvement. Get your Aloha sales and labor status in spreadsheets and have them emailed daily and get real time stats sent to your cell phones at predetermined times

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c POS to Spreadsheets