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All major payroll solutions, QuickBooks and Excel Spreadsheets

iPOS Payroll gets the pay data from your POS system and prepares it for import to your payroll provider. It's a simple one button click that creates the payroll import file and places it in the correct location. It's easy, fast and will save you hours of effort each pay period. Supports all the popular pay payroll providers such as ADP Workforce, PayChex Preview, PayChex Online, Heartland/Ovation, PayChoice and more.

iPOS General Journal/Accounts Receivable Now it's easy to transfer your POS sales, payments, discounts, sales tax, gift cards, paidin/outs, house/member charges to your QuickBooks general journal and accounts receivable. Make accurate and balanced general journal entries into QuickBooks from your POS system when you use iPOS. iPOS for QuickBooks is easy to setup and even easier to use. No file import/export routines, simply select the date from the screen and send to QuickBooks.

iPOS SpreadSheet Get your Aloha sales and labor status in spreadsheets and have them emailed daily and get real time stats sent to your cell phones at predetermined times